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About Company

GARYHAT VISION TECHNOLOGIES (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED {GVT INDIA} established in mid of 2006, is a privately owned, value-driven Company - a premium services provider offering a wide range of business solutions to clients across the globe.


Built upon an assortment of strong infrastructure, experienced management and high business values, GVT brings to its customers the cost advantage and personal touch of a smaller organization with professionalism of larger setups.

GVT was established with shared vision of professionals having good experience in their respective profession. GVT have multiple brands which are in the business of Web Hosting, application / Web Based software development, consulting, Development & distribution of software products, Systems integration, data Processing (KPO), BPO, Technical Support, Fisheries, Real Estate, Winery, Event Management, Technical Institutes.

Backing up our confidence is a team of extremely talented personnel and experts who share our mission towards providing quality that drives our business values. Our commitment has seen us diversifying into a wide range of offerings as our client portfolio saw an expansion across US, UK, Australia and other parts of Europe.


Commitment to service and flexibility to tailor service to suit customer�s need is reflected in growing list of GVT satisfied clients.

What we do

We do everything we can to give you peace of mind when you choose to work with us. We strive to delight our customers. Your satisfaction is our guarantee of an on-going relationship with you that enables us both to flourish and prosper.



You may be ok providing the support in-house in the early days, but if your product or app takes off domestically or globally, then you will probably find it tough to deliver good support to all your customers when they want it. That�s where we come in � up to 24/7/365.


We develop web apps, mobile apps and desktop products using a wide variety of Microsoft, Apple, Open Source and other technologies. Dedicated resources or project approaches are both available.


The life of a software app does not end with its deployment. Of course we provide a warranty period with any software we develop. Beyond that, whether it is a web app, mobile app or software product, we can maintain, modify and enhance it for you.

Our services

State-of-the-art facilities and the latest technologies make for a robust, yet scalable, infrastructure.

We have 10,000 sq. feet of built up space for our office.

We have a 2000 sq feet backup facilty.

We have a 2Mbps Leased Line Connection from one of the leading Internet Service Providers in India and also a 2Mbps backup through a Satellite connection from Singtel. Our second location also has a 2Mbps internet bandwidth from another provider in India. This means we have 3 different providers in our offices which makes for very good redundancy.

We have a complete power backup for all our equipment (computers etc) for upto 72 Hours and a Genset for all air-conditioning and light fixtures.

We are a debt free company and part of a very small business group of India.

We also have our own IT Training Institutes out of which we get an endless supply of trained personnel thus making it very easy for us to scale up at a very short notice.

Our management team is characterized by a uniquely strong combination of knowledge and experience. The team has vast global experience and proven track records with in their respective domains, headed by an executive team that brings an exhaustive number of years of experience. Our employees are the cream of the talent crop, brought in from some of the best universities and institutions. We hone their skills through a series of intensive training programs and exposure to the most cutting-edge technologies and tools.

The team at GVT brings together a right blend of a rapid execution processes and meticulous planning in our work. GVT strives to provide its customers the best return on their investments by making the best technologies and the best people work with them.

GVT's credibility: Years of operations, happy long-standing clients: Our service track record is truly exceptional.

Very effective processes: We're extremely proud of our well thought out processes, and they definitely form some of the key highlights of our operations. It's our processes that allow us to run like a well-oiled machine and deliver consistently good services, year after year.

Reliable Infrastructure: We're extremely committed to maintaining true 24x7 presences and have invested in extremely robust, top quality infrastructure that never lets us down.

Great HR management principles and culture: GVT has evolved effective, positive human resource management practices, a fact well demonstrated by our extremely low employee attrition rates, about 10% annual for the past 2 years, far lower than the industry average.


GVT not only say, also do the quality work. Give a look to what our customers say about us. This will let you to know about our speed, our quality of work, our expertise staff efficiency and moreover our dedication towards the work.

We have worked with GVT for over 4 years now. They have supported us with hundreds of site projects and our dedicated team in India are a key part of our development process."

Roman Polyarysh.

Nice staff, friendly and very professional. My problem was resolved in record time and they even helped me out on a side question regarding my windows server that I have. Thanks.

John Doe.


State-of-the-art facilities and the latest technologies make for a robust, yet scalable, infrastructure.